Relining with Tubus


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Relining is a well tried method where we apply several layers of a special corrosive-resistant plastic material to the inner walls of the existing object. This reinforced material dries to form a...
before and after relining


Relining with Tubus System is so far used within two different applications, renovation or restoration of sewage pipe systems inside and outside real estate and for renovation in different areas...
relining real estate


Getting bigger, New office established in Italy !

Tubus System continues to strengthen its brand and has now established an office in Milan, Italy....

Another successful Restructura Tradeshow in Torino

Tubus System exhibited at Restructura tradeshow the 27-30th of NovemberThis past weekend we had...
Tubus System Relining

The company - Tubus System

Tubus System opens up new frontiers in innovation for all participants involved in renovation of real estate and infrastructure, from creation to usage. This new approach to renovation of old pipe systems is only in the beginning. The possibilities you get from connecting our innovative spray relining technique with the skills, knowledge and experience that all the people that work with Tubus System have, is endless.